Self POWERED & 100% Wireless. 

Never knowingly beaten on price

Only 3 seconds from activation to confirmed intruder video delivery, our Wireless, Self Powered, Monitored 24/7 service can be deployed at any location with a mobile data signal location,. 

Copper theft can happen anywhere and usually does...that's why you need security that can go anywhere to protect remote assets outdoors. If there is a cell phone signal available, we can protect it.  Since Virtual Guard requires no power and is completely wireless, the system can be installed during early-stage construction projects, before the IP networks and fences, when copper is most vulnerable. Virtual Guard provides a video of the intruder as the crime starts for immediate review/dispatch, so you don't find out about break-ins and damages hours or days later!

Construction - Vacant Property - Remote Sites - Farms - Gates - Schools - Mobile Phone Towers & practically any location with a mobile signal.


Weekley Cost Comparison

  • Military grade RF

  • Remote Arm and Disarm

  • Quick deployment

  • Verify Intruders

  • Video verifiable protection

  • On-board tamper detection

  • Extends protection to remote areas

  • Wireless, remotely monitored

  • Up to 3 year battery life for low alarm activity

  • Actively monitors and deters via 105dB siren and audio alerts

  • Alarm strobe light flashes 4 times per second

  • Captures images in low-light conditions with IR and white light illumination

  • System temperature range: -20/+140°F (-30/+60°C)