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Cost Savings

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The costs saving of the Rapid Alarm cannot be ignored. The following are two real world examples where we were able to create significant savings for our clients.

Example 1:

Client was employing 3 Security Guards overnight for a large construction development. One guard was based at the main gate with 2 others carrying out regular foot patrols. With a total of 324 nights and weekends man hours billed per week, the client was being charged £2849.00 + VAT per standard week (bank holiday weekends were higher). We put in place 3 Rapid Alarms, 1 Security Guard and a local Security Patrol response. This realised a cost saving of £1,700.00 per week, or a saving of £44,200.00 over a 6 month period.

Example 2:

Client was rolling out refurbishments on his chain of franchises. Rapid Alarm and Security response was deployed in place of overnight security. The cost saving was £975.00 per week, or £5,850.00 over the refurbishment period.