Smart Drone Mapping for Mining and Quarries

Use aerial data to save cost and time in a variety of Earthworks and mining processes


We provide are bringing cost and time-saving innovations to a variety of mining processes. Professional-quality maps and 3D models empower you to instantly calculate aggregate volumes, keep track of equipment locations and monitor safety environmental compliance.

We are qualified and licensed using premium equipment to reliably deliver accurate and high-quality imaging. Our operators have been recognised by the CAA as competent to carry out commercial operations

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Stockpile Inventory Management

  • Understand whats happening on your sites and make informed decisions with our drone data. Measure stockpiles quickly and efficiently.

  • Utilise interactive site view to report on quantity and values on site.

Excavation planning

  • Visualise and compare site conditions to plan to estimate production or measure blast efficiency

  • Track progress of excavations to update your team and maintain production schedule
    Visualise and measure routes to plan more efficient hauling logistics

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Drone-based Volume Measurement

Aerial surveying saves customers money as it is able to cover larger areas than a typical survey crew in the same amount of time, reducing costs almost in half. Unlike a ground-based GPS survey, an aerial survey also captures visual information that can be a helpful management tool. We are able to generate high resolution aerial photos as well as high-resolution 2-dimensional maps and 3-dimensional models.