Self POWERED & 100% Wireless. 

Never knowingly beaten on price

Only 3 seconds from activation to confirmed intruder video delivery, our Wireless, Self Powered, Monitored 24/7 service can be deployed at any location with a mobile data signal location,. 

Virtual Guard has a portable kit designed to be used by guard services that can be easily deployed anywhere there is cell signal.  Immediate deployment makes Videofied an ideal force multiplier for short term threats such as strikes and labour disputes.   For onsite guards, Videofied can provide more "eyes" across a facility. For guard patrols, Videofied can be the alert tool for the patrol to return to the area. Once deployed, Virtual Guard can be customised to have calls go to guards during their shift and even have the video clips forwarded to their smartphone.

Construction - Vacant Property - Remote Sites - Farms - Gates - Schools - Mobile Phone Towers & practically any location with a mobile signal.


Weekley Cost Comparison

  • Military grade RF

  • Remote Arm and Disarm

  • Quick deployment

  • Verify Intruders

  • Video verifiable protection

  • On-board tamper detection

  • Extends protection to remote areas

  • Wireless, remotely monitored

  • Up to 3 year battery life for low alarm activity

  • Actively monitors and deters via 105dB siren and audio alerts

  • Alarm strobe light flashes 4 times per second

  • Captures images in low-light conditions with IR and white light illumination

  • System temperature range: -20/+140°F (-30/+60°C)