24/7 London Response.


For your London Business or Home, Armour Security Key Holding & Alarm Response services offers security response services for Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarms and many other types of emergencies. We are an SIA Approved Contractor offering a first class service that complies with British Standard 7984. Do you really want to be going back to your business or property at 3am in the morning, just because your burglar alarm has activated?

Armour security provides Key Holding services for London businesses and homes covering all emergencies. Burglaries, flooding and fire are among the main worries for property owners away on business or holiday. We can also arrange lock and unlock services across all areas of the UK.


Our security officers are fully trained to deal with all such emergencies, responding rapidly and taking appropriate actions to minimise loss and damage. They will liaise with the emergency services; ensure your property is left secure and provide you with a full written report of the incident.


In emergency situations we will always follow the guidelines and instructions previously agreed with you. If the situation is particularly serious, we will make every effort to contact you so we can discuss any additional action you may wish us to take. All alarms will be reset once the situation has been dealt with.

By using our professional services, you will eliminate any potential risks, costs and inconvenience caused to relatives, employees or friends who may have had to attend your property.

We can save you all the trouble for just a few pennies a day. At 3am in the morning it’s our job to take care of your business.

Our rapid response service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for a wide range of emergencies including:

  • Intruder / Fire Alarm Activations
  • Gas Leaks / Floods / Power Cuts
  • Vandalism / Natural Disaster Damage
  • Staff Safety