Property Checks - 20% Discount on your current or quoted price.

Armour Security provide vacant property inspection services to landlords, surveyors, property agents and insurance brokers. Making sure our clients regulatory and business conditions are met, we provide efficient and concise reporting. Inspection reports are emailed in Real-Time including and photographic evidence to one or more recipients for review. Optional services can include our award winning Virtual Security Guard and Security Patrols


When a property becomes void, landlords, surveyors, property agents and insurance brokers must work together to adhere to Health & Safety, Security and the additional conditions that will be imposed by insurers. There are many pitfalls to be avoided to ensure you comply with regulations, protect your property and make sure a full indemnity is obtained from the policy should disaster strike. Failure to identify and implement vacant property conditions will result in uninsured losses, unlawful actions and financial loss adding further to the burden of costs a void property already has on a portfolio .

Unlike network service companies such as Nexus, you will be working direct with Armour Security who have working experience from top to bottom in all services we provide.

Armour can also provide onsite protection with our Vacant Property Alarm and Vacant Property CCTV systems and our newly released access control system. Monitored 24/7 and optional security response ensures your asset is protected. As with all our services, you are protected with our Price Guarantee.