Security Review

While an ongoing threat assessment programme and comprehensive policies and procedures to address threats should provide you with a high level of security, actual physical security should be evaluated periodically by third party auditors to determine effectiveness and continuing applicability. 

To perform our security assessments, we identify multiple security measures that we determine would help a location to protect against the risk of unauthorised access. We base our selection on our expertise in performing security assessments. 

We can also measure actual preparedness and performance by testing your security provisions. Simulated intruders, planting suspicious packages and activating the security response system are examples of tests that can determine your preparedness for a real threat. Precautions should be taken to ensure that key personnel are aware of the simulated nature of the exercise.


The Team

Our team is open, honest and discreet, working to provide a professional and strategic review on all areas of operational, technological, physical and process-led security measures. For over 10 years, we have been at the fore of preventative security strategies. Armour security encourages high-level collaboration between our industry experts and internal security teams to assess, report and highlight any weaknesses or emerging threats.


Vulnerable Locations

We understand the nuances, high-level strategic thinking and uncompromising dedication each security team within their respective sectors face day-in, day-out. People come to us because we work collaboratively to mitigate risk during ordinary and unsettled circumstances – providing an extra layer of assurance for stakeholders and insurance providers alike.


Our Expertise

With backgrounds in diplomatic armed protection, enhanced security compliance and critical infrastructure risk assessments, our team has been leading the way in security for vulnerable locations since 2007.


Each of our professionals come with their specialist area of expertise, bringing the following experience to our independent audits:

  • Working closely with Airports, Stadiums/ Arenas, Shopping Centres, Educational and Government Centres

  • Qualified Safety Advisors, Trainers and Assessors

  • Experience in high-level Royalty and Parliamentary protection duties

  • Former Senior Police Officer and Police Training Co-ordinator

  • Qualifications in Event Crowd Management and Crowd Safety Management

  • Qualified and Experienced Drone Operators

  • SIA Licensed Individuals

  • Security Industry Authority Approved Contractor

For a truly independent audit, Armour Security is the only third party with the understanding and proficiency to take your procedures and processes to the next level.

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