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SIA Licence Checker

Compliance | Easy to use | Only enter once | We update you weekly


The SIA Licence checker enables you to check, or check and save licence validity details of current and future employees. You can perform checks on-site with an internet enabled phone using the system web-app.


Features Overview

Field Based Checks

The system is designed to enable ad-hoc checks at remote locations for the purpose of management checks, events compliance and door supervisor compliance. 

Auto weekly checks

All individuals that have been saved will have there licence details cheked on a weekly basis. The results of the checks are emailed to you listing the validity of the licence. The system will also email you if a licence is due to expire within a month.

convenience with only one check

You only have to make one check. Once the licence details are entered you can sit back and we do the rest. You can save your emails to show evidence that you check licences on a weekly basis. The SIA requires monthly.