Portable WALK Through Metal DETECTOR Hire

Walk-through and hand-held metal/weapon detectors are no longer solely associated with airport travel. Anti-Knife crime, Private business, School security, Warehouses Courthouse security, Events, Prisons are just a few areas that have incorporated walk-through metal/weapon detection technology.

Walk-through units provide a friendly, non-evasive and “hands-off” way to help mitigate the carrying of concealed weapons. A misconception is that walk-through detectors give off a “fortress-like” atmosphere, when exactly the opposite is true. Walk-through detection systems signifies sensitivity and interest in public safety.


Daily to Permanent Hire

Our Walk Through Metal Detectors can be hired short or long term. From as little as a day to annually, we have the hire option that will fit in anyone’s operational structure. If you are a small operations with 2 or 3 events a year, or a larger operation with multiple weekly events, we have you covered.


Hire Options

We can supply on a do-it yourself basis, or a full premium package. With the DIY option we deliver the Walk Through Metal Detector and train your staff on the day. We can also offer a premium service where we supply male and female licensed search teams and detection dogs.


Our Expertise

With backgrounds in diplomatic armed protection, enhanced security compliance and critical infrastructure, our team has been leading the way in security since 2007.


Walk Through metals detectors can be used for the following:

  • School security

  • Hospital security

  • Anti Knife crime

  • Event security

  • Nuclear security

  • Loss prevention

  • Airport security

  • Prisons

  • Warehouse Loss Prevention

Armour Security is the only third party with the understanding and proficiency to take your Security to the next level.

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